1. taeblog:

    Incredible. You should see the whole gallery.

    (via cupcakesoven)

  2. Gun buy back. Trenton. Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa announced that the Mercer County #gun buyback held last weekend netted 2,604 #firearms, 700 of which were #illegal. #x100 #fujifilm #latergram #ineverseensomanyguns

  3. Gun buy back. Trenton.

  4. Power.

  5. Icy Delaware.

  6. I’m number 1. (at New Jersey State House)

  7. cupcakesoven:

    10 Below Zero meet Can of Soda 


  8. Sick. Home remedy - Lemon and Honey.

  9. @govchristie recieves endorsement from Port Authority PBA in Elizabeth.

  10. I can’t stop thinking of uncrustables. #coldtoes #bike #surly #1x1

  11. Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

  12. My little Sophie

  13. Six inches… (at Allentown, NJ)

  14. Still alive. Until next time.

  15. Done. 6 days. 343 miles. Hills. Rain. Sun. Cold. Done.